Eighth National Skills Assessment Schedule in 1396, the end of the traineeship period of the technical and vocational training centers and the skill test in the areas of the building industry, handicrafts, carpets and bread industry ... in the year 96 on Thursday, June 11, 2012 and Friday 27 / 11/96. According to the Public Relations Department of the General Directorate of Technical and Vocational Education of South Khorasan, the Director General of Technical and Vocational Training of the province, the announcement said: 2,889 people in the second stage of the comprehensive assessment of graduate students' proficiency in 1396 in 194 registered professions Of these, 1,547 are male and 1,385 are women. He continued: 427 registered in the proficiency test in the field of building industry and memorandums in 18 professions, of which 408 are male and 19 are women. Good looking, referring to the electronicization of the skill test process. Applicants can go to the portal of the vocational education and training organization at http: // portaltvto.com to get a card to attend the meeting. He stated that the results of this phase of the tests were announced on Saturday, 05/12/96, and the volunteers who had passed the grade test in the written test, based on the scheduling announced by the provincial assessment authorities to participate in the practical test They must go to the designated areas. The director general of the province's technical and vocational training pointed out the formation of the National Accountability Examination Board: if applicants are faced with a problem, they can call the numbers 32519616-026, 32519727-026, and 32522256-026. Or go to technical and vocational training centers in your city of residence.