Deputy Minister and Head of the Organization of Technical and Vocational Education in the country at the public relations conference of the general educational and technical educational institutions of the country said that today we face a significant social, political and economic demand for skilled education in the country. According to the Public Relations Department of the National Technical and Vocational Training Organization, Dr. Pak Keresh said at the conference, which was held on March 9, this year: "In the current situation where the unemployment problem is the main problem of the country, public relations of the organization should be of space. Media will benefit from the development of a skill-based discourse. The head of the country's Technical and Vocational Training Organization said: "The repeated emphasis of the republican presidency in the field of skills development and the importance of technical and vocational education, as well as the need for universities to move towards entrepreneurship, shows the community's sensitivity to skill poverty and skill requirements Is a training course. He goes on to say that we must pay attention to the needs of the community in the area of skills development to prevent the waste of resources, emphasizing that effective tools should be developed to encourage society to recognize and apply the skills needed based on the advantages of the province. Deputy Minister of Cooperatives said the current situation in the country requires more active involvement in the importance of skills. Dr.Pak Sarshad added that the sensitivity created today in the country towards skill poverty is a good opportunity for the development of a skill-based discourse, and if the issue of skills is not sufficiently addressed, the sensitivity of society will be eliminated. He stressed that this condition would be an opportunity for educational institutions, and it would be in the interest of the country to define the road map and the status of institutions in this mission. The head of the Organization of Professional Vocational Training said: "The conventional methods, measures and plans have been lost, and they must be aware of the tangible and effective results of learning through the use of new and innovative methods and designs." . He emphasized the use of the available space to play the role of the organization: next year, based on clear criteria for raising awareness of the society about the skills training, tasks and missions of the country's technical and vocational training organization, we will see some good changes. Deputy Minister of Co-operation, Labor and Social Welfare said the public relations mission in the country's technical and vocational training organization is an important mission that requires the cooperation of other actors in the field of skills training. He hopes in the end: "Cohorts of more motivated public relations and a coherent program in the new year to stimulate the community about the need for skills training, and see good results in this area."