The general director and employees of the General Directorate of Technical and Vocational Education of South Khorasan, along with other Shahid Parvor Birjand people, participated in the ceremony of the March 24 ceremony of the Umm al-Mullah at the same time throughout the country.

According to the General Directorate of the General Department of Technical and Vocational Education of South Khorasan, people from the field of science, literature and culture, came to the streets at the beginning of the 40th glorious Islamic Revolutionary Spring, calling for the Great Architect of the Revolution and the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution.

The people of martyrdom and the leader of South Khorasan, men and women, old and young, children and teenagers have all come to the streets to reciprocate with the revolutionary martyrs. Participants in various marches with the presence of the beautiful flag of Iran and the signs with slogans of death on the United States and death to Israel to once again annoy their heartfelt declaration of global arrogance. The ceremony of the March 22 march in Birjand, south of the southern Khorasan, starts from the Shohada Square and is set to commemorate the Islamic revolution of Iran in the streets of Shohada, Abuzar Street, Ardash Street, Pasdaran Avenue, and then in the city's Qods Square.

Hojatoleslam Islam and Reza Tuliyat Astan Quds Razavi and the representative of the people of South Khorasan in the Assembly of Experts Leadership in the people of Birjand Provincial Leader said: "The enemy has created a new intrigue now, creating a mess and disappointment among the people." He said that today, we are witnessing the presence of well-educated and devout people with every taste and tendency that they are happy with the Islamic Revolution and adhere to the covenant with the province and leadership, adding: "The people of Iran adhere to the covenant with the province and the leadership and confirms what in this 39 years of honors and dignity that the Iranian people have created. Tonight of Astan Quds Razavi, saying that it is God's day, but it's February 22, is Yumallah, saying that this day is called Yumallah for the power of God's divine power, which was a miracle on this day. Hojatoleslam Reisi added: "On this day, the Iranian people won the Shiite oppression, which was a miraculous event, and 22 Bahman is not just a ritual movement, but with messages and words." Every year we hold 22 Bahman, it is a reminder of the triumph of the nation and the celebration of the Futures, and this year, what was achieved was the removal of the cancerous gland in humanity, which is a great victory.