The Director General of Provincial Technical and Vocational Training at the exhibition of the achievements of apprentices in free schools, which was held at Zainab School of Birjand on the occasion of the Islamic Revolutionary blessed Fajr decade, described the role of free schools in teaching skills.

According to the Public Relations Department of the General Directorate of Technical and Vocational Education in South Khorasan, Hossein Khoshaynd, added: "Free schools are the powerful arm of vocational education organization, which identifies weaknesses and fixes and highlights strengths, The field of service provides more and better. By saying that schools can also influence employment, said the first effect of these schools is to reduce the government's ownership and trust in the private sector. Director General of South and South Khorasan technical and vocational education and training organization said that the training should be aimed at increasing the quality of education and not merely thinking about income generation and in order to strengthen the free technical and vocational schools Do more effort.

Hossein Khoshayad, referring to Article 44 of the Constitution, regarding the reduction of state administration and the strengthening of various sectors of the country's economic system, the goal of establishing free technical and vocational schools is to teach basic and advanced skills in different ways in face to face,

Goodbye, adding emphasis on changing approaches and providing operational and effective strategies, leaving daily and repeating, added a move toward market-based education and income generation: Qualifying the training offered in free schools based on the standards of technical and vocational education and Moving towards employment-centered education, helping to institutionalize and business culture, and boosting talent for entrepreneurship and constructivism is important. Director General of Technical and Vocational Education in South Khorasan province pointed to the tax exemption of free schools and said: In the government of Tadbir and Hope in August 2012, with the scheme of tax exemptions and increased interactions of private sector activists with the training of skills and expertise to the youth of this border and Booms have been taken seriously in the development and development of our country. Hossein Khoshayed, emphasizing on the provision of business space for employment: in order to provide learning skills, the development of business space in the community should be considered. In the end, he pointed out the performance of the provincial free schools in the current year. In the non-governmental sector and free schools, whose number is 162 in the province, 1 million 336 thousand and 553 people have been trained in 1442 courses. Six thousand and 967 courses have been taught in the curriculum.