Director General of Technical and Vocational Education in South Khorasan Province said in a conversation with the correspondent of the southern Khorasan newspaper that the General Directorate of Technical and Vocational Training is a teacher training between the levels of education in the province and its activities aimed at training skilled labor, Semi-skilled and upgraded skills workforce working in both public and non-governmental sectors with 16 training centers.

According to the Public Relations Department of the General Department of Technical and Vocational Education in South Khorasan, Hossein Khoshaynd, with reference to the fact that the activities of vocational education in South Khorasan are in the form of 90 permanent workshops and 480 public education courses, 162 free schools There are 210 training courses in the non-governmental sector, with an average of 5 million hours each year. He emphasized: The core of the activities of this department is education and training, which forms the mission and its main identity.

He stated that the activities of this department are carried out in the form of courses ranging from 10 to 1090 hours, with training in fixed centers and urban branches, education in rural and nomadic areas, industries and classes, campus, barracks, prisons and free schools. : Professional technical education has been able to provide skilled manpower for the various areas of industry, agriculture, services and culture and art in the province.

All educational services provided in the public sector are free of charge

He noted that all educational services provided in the public sector are free of charge and the target community of the agency includes all jobseekers, villagers, students and university graduates, housewives, students, barracks soldiers, prisoners, industry workers and classes, and All who are looking for skills.

The director general of vocational education and training of South Khorasan province said that in all provinces of the province, vocational education centers are active and provide educational services to citizens in all parts of the province, said: in six cities of Birjand, Qayin, Nehbandan, Ferdows and Tabas Technical and vocational training centers have night-time facilities that rural and non-native trainees can enjoy free of charge. He added: "In the 10th month of the 96th, in the public sector (constant, jail, garrison, village, city mobile, work, college and campus), a total of over 19,000 people have been trained.

He also said that in the non-governmental sector and free schools with 162 centers, about 6,967 people enrolled in 1442 training courses.

Skills training in real work environment

He stated that the creation of employment and the labor market in the year of the strength of production and employment, and the importance of the skills of the workforce in the real world, is necessary. In this regard, the skills of the real work environment, one of the methods of vocational education and training Oh yes He added that the skills and competencies required in the framework of the organization's educational standards from the trainer to the trainee are transmitted simultaneously to the process of production and service delivery.

The director general of the province's technical and vocational education and training center familiarized with the business environment, acquisition of experience and preparation, and the creation of self-confidence in the learner to enter the field of employment and entrepreneurship, is one of the goals of this educational method.

We welcome the preservation of traditional and indigenous businesses, especially in handicrafts, helping active enterprises to identify and recruit a capable and capable workforce to reduce the cost of absorbing and employing unskilled personnel, and utilize the capacity and capacity for practical training of enterprises from other objectives. This design knows.

He said that the province's commitment to the field of skills training in the real working environment is 560 people, saying that so far 630 people have been trained in this area, it is proud that in this area we have grown 113 percent.

Academic Students and Academic Alumni Empowerment Skills (SCD) with Employment Approach

Referring to the skill empowerment plan for students and graduates, the project is aimed at removing the obstacles to the employment of university graduates, as well as meeting the challenges faced by the existing ASD centers and promoting them through cooperation and participation. More active and centralized universities, research institutes and higher education institutions.

He added: "The plan is a model for transferring the skills needed by the labor market to students, thereby enhancing their professional competencies by relying on the potential and actual capacities of universities, research institutes and institutions of higher education, and vocational training organizations Country, is presented.

He stated: "In the training plan of the university, the commitment of the province was 150 thousand people-hours of training, with 157 thousand and 385 people-hours of training in this sector has grown 105%.

Training of non-skilled job seekers and skills upgrading in public sector stationary centers

He stated that educational centers, including workshops, classes, laboratories, office space and accessory facilities at fixed centers for vocational training indicated that these centers were based on the rules and regulations for the creation and promotion of skills or expertise in individuals Applicants are lacking in skills or lack of skills and provide free training to skilled people.

He said: "Such training, which generally involves basic technical training in different sectors, is usually carried out in well-equipped workshops established on a fixed site.

He continued: in the provincial offices of the provincial headquarters, the training of the community centered on the labor market is planned and implemented through the creation of new vocational training, promotion or change in existing professions.


Empowering villagers and tribes

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