Thu 18/Jan/2018

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Special News



Iranian technicians coordination for holding the second Olympiad in south Khorasan.

The head of the department of technical education and vocational skills assessment and evaluation of south Khorasan announced the holding of the...

25 Dec 2016


. Session of electrical engineering vocational training of trainers by education, research and planning administration assistant to identify research priorities in the field of held.

The public relations department of technical and vocational education in south Khorasan, deputy director of education, research and planning...

20 Dec 2016


Visit south Khorasan governor from the department of technical and vocational education

Department of technical and vocational education in south Khorasan in order to offering achievements of this administration ,trainees and work...

18 Dec 2016


Launch of e-training show

With the participation of Deputy Minister of Cooperatives, Labour and Social Welfare and Head of Technical and Vocational Education was unveiled...

13 Dec 2016

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